Art Curator Nicola Vassell Debuts her New Gallery in New York City

Shelton Boyd-Griffith, Grazia, May 20, 2021

Famed art dealer, curator, advisor, and now gallerist, Nicola Vassell is making her own table — forget just having a seat! — within the white male-dominated art gallery sector. Vassell has a distinguished resumé and has spent countless years investing in shifting the contemporary art market. Now she is making the next natural step in inaugurating her own eponymous gallery, Nicola Vassell Gallery. With this major feat, Vassell joins a growing initiative of more Black-owned galleries across the nation. She joins an even smaller list of Black women-owned galleries. Historically (and still to this day), Black galleries and art dealers haven’t been given the same access and recognition as their white counterparts when many Black dealers are responsible for introducing the art world to now important and considered canon. Vassell is helping to chip away at the glass ceiling.