Nicola Vassell Sets Up Shop

Jonathan Shia, Cero Magazine, June 24, 2021

When Nicola Vassell opened her namesake gallery on a busy stretch of Chelsea's Tenth Avenue last month, it was in many ways the culmination of over a decade and a half of work across all aspects of the art world. After getting her start working at the famed Soho space Deitch Projects, Vassell has had her hand in curation, artist management, book editing, and collection consulting, with all of those skills culminating in Concept NV, the agency she founded in 2013 to ground fine art firmly within the swirl of cross-disciplinary cultural ferment that presides today through her connections to the worlds of music and fashion. "The decision was that we had, in a sense, tried it all and that it would be good to anchor the entire scope of our experience in a gallery format," she explains. "We were just looking at how to become a better business, how to become more efficient, and of course to have a wider expanse of impact. We concluded, after really beginning in the gallery sphere all those years ago and trying all other things, that the gallery still retains more punch. It just still remains one of the most effective measures of so many components of our business."